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Zach effron naked

ZAC Efron would be willing to get his kit off for a full frontal nude scene - as long as he was in with a chance of an Academy Award.

Zach Effron Naked

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Zac Efron, Michael B. The movie is based around three best friends and their relationships. Set to hit theaters January Trailer has been censored. Teacher gets death threats after claims she ripped off girl's hijab.

How old am I: I'm 32 years old
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I no longer want him. They were flesh colored so they could removed them in post production processing and make him look naked. What I want to know is: why is he wearing TWO pairs of underwear? He's good looking, but the photoset demonstrates, hands down, that someone is wearing underwear is not necessarily hot -- especially if they are piss-stained flesh color granny panties that make his ass looking enormous and enormously unsexy. You going to get to star in a movie with Robert Zach effron naked Right about the ass - headed into Tom Cruise territory. He was to play an older, wealthy closeted businessman and I was the young, cute hustler he stumbles upon on the street and rents for the week.

You're the fool. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. The guy is a professional stunt guy was hired to ride the motorcycle and had no problem with the nudity. Not just any movie star, but the first to do a graphic gay sex scene. I like to know where rumours start. He looked better before. No means yes. The panties are rather feminine looking, but what's nice is that you can see his "real" personal briefs underneath.

Zac efron is probably moving to australia to be with his new girlfriend

The guy isn't a butt double, Fool. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Zac plays an autistic kid who gets into long distance running. Zach Efron Pics: Nearly Naked! Whoever fixed his drug mess is damned good. While I initially liked the how his face has matured, the steroids and HGH are causing his face to widen and become "heavier" - a side effect to steroids and HGH is continued development of secondary male characteristics, the eyebrow ridge and proverbial lantern jaw. He's wearing tight underwear No it isn't.

He chose not be on an outdoor public location set. That's what stunt guys do. Is he hiding tiny meat? Determination: an admirable quality.

Zac efron sets pulses racing as he poses topless in a sauna but fans can't stop staring at his drawstring

Toy Story III? What a seriously hot man. Then, while promoting the movie, I would pretend to have interviews with myself on Jay Leno, Letterman, Conan, playing all the parts, as well. The guy is a stunt man riding the motorcycle for Zach. Anyway, we would have full on gay sex, e. Oh and he shoves his fingers up your ass! His body has become out of proportion, being over developed torso, and underdeveloped legs and butt.

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We assume you mean ass R28? I think it's intended to be pulled off by the little actor. R80, that reminds me, back in the '90s when I was a teenager, I used to want to be a movie star. Would chomp his panties. Get back to us when you can omit the "Nearly". He needs to lose weight now. R56, the outer layer with the stuffed animal is held onto the underwear by velcro or something.

Him clutching that stuffed animal in front of his crotch only makes sense if he is otherwise naked.

Become a contributor - post when you want with no ! Talk about projection! Is he ethnic? Also it's interesting how the briefs expose the edge of his fake tan. It is the defintion of a butt double, when the scene comes out it will be cut as if it is Zac Efrons naked ass is getting on the motorcycle. Even if Zac was nude on set, this guy would still do the motorcycle gag. His choice. Did you ever see someone on TV that is supposed to be naked and the whole crotch area is pixalated?

They would ask questions like "How was it having full-on sex with your childhood idol.

I used to fantasize that I was cast in a film with one of my idols, Paul Newman, who was 70 at the time. But I believe there's a Jack Black inside him screaming to get out.

I'd love to slurp on that pass. Some people still claim Hemsworth scene in "Rush" was his own ass and that was definitely a butt double. My goodness, that little boy in the blue T-shirt in a couple of the pictures at r13 is certainly a future DLer! Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor.

He's making a movie. Zac has been naked on a closed set before. There's a back seam in the back of that underwear that accentuates Zac's crack - his ass is fine, his upper body looks good, but he's got a bad case of chicken legs You know he's a big ol bottom, beacause he didn't even flinch when Robert DeNiro has his thumb up his ass.

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Some features on this site require registration. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. One's a raging alcoholic in Texas. Hello and thank you for registering. You can clearly see the outline of the 2nd pair underneath the first:. Yes he can. Looks like two pigs wrestling under a blanket. The other, very accomplished with a Harvard degree, committed suicide. Calling all Academy Members! That's what the actor is actually wearing.

It's normal, looks good and those who are claiming are full of hot air.

Some features on this site require a subscription. His paternal grandfather was J ewish. I was thinking the same thing, he is definitely juicing in some way. A kid after my own heart note the tear-away pouch. It isn't complicated, it happens all the time.

Zac efron naked: former teen star goes nude in 'that awkward moment' trailer (nsfw video & pics)

I actually have known two guys in my life who looked very close to Zac. People would throw themselves all over these guys, both straight. He would be the dominant one, of course. Are you a fucking idiot R? They are wearing completely different outfits. No one, no one is talking about his night on Skid Row anymore. R33, will the facial side effects diminish, or even go away completely, if he stops taking steroids? See link. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. I like it. Um, yes. I believe that Zac is filming the shot with the phone to get a "POV" angle.

His ass is enormous. Did he date some guy who's packing size meat, or is a total top? Especially considering the amount he parties. Like John Stamos, this guy gets better looking the older he gets. He has gone pantsless before That Awkward Moment Zach effron naked, so we've seen that beautiful ass. The scene probably was filmed on a public beach, so it makes sense that he was covered up.

His ass is perfect.

When he gets older and puts on some cub weight, he'll start to relax on camera. Those are mighty hungry underpants. Consider me on "Team Hornet".