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The walking dead nude scene

The Walking Dead featured a scene where Alpha, in her rotting zombie mask, got naked with Negan and got it on. It was just as icky as you imagine. Despite the inclusion of that moment, the show elected not to include a sex scene between Eugene and Lauraeven though it was filmed for season 8 episode 'Time for After'.

The Walking Dead Nude Scene

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The Walking Dead recently shocked its viewers with a sex scene involving two villains. Negan and Alpha stripped down in the woods, embraced each other in the nude, and got it on with their socks on after the scene cut away to a commercial break. The rest was left for viewers to fill in the blanks with their imaginations.

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The episode's co-writer, Corey Reed, ly revealed another line of dialogue uttered by Eugene before doing the deed: "If it's all the same to you, I'd like to keep my socks on. It's just sex,'" Register said. Eugene might next find romance with Stephanie Margot Binghama new community's so-far unseen ambassador who bonded with Eugene over the radio. Laura and Eugene's entanglement "would have been too much of a distraction," Register said when speculating why the scene never made it to air.

Start the Conversation. The Walking Dead deleted a surprising sex scene between Eugene Josh McDermitt and Savior Laura Lindsley Register that "just didn't work," Register says when detailing the funny romantic encounter revealed by the actress earlier this year.

The deleted scene, cut from season eight episode "Time for After," took place at a time when Eugene was dutifully serving alongside Laura as one of Negan's Jeffrey Dean Morgan top lieutenants.

Eugene and Laura were holed up in the Sanctuary when Daryl Norman Reedus and Tara Alanna Masterson penetrated the walls of the compound with a truck, unleashing a horde of zombies into the lower levels and trapping the surviving Saviors inside. So maybe from a story perspective, it just didn't work.

The sex scene was a "kind of nihilistic moment" for Laura and a good-enough Eugene, Register said, and producers stressed there was no romantic component to the encounter. If I remember right, I kiss him and he's like, 'You taste like stone fruit and applesauce.